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1. Premium Outlets Montréal

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The cleaning procedures for your Pajar Jacket are printed on the tag inside the jacket.
We normally suggest to wash the jacket with cold water, on tumble, with dryer balls on a low setting.
If the down is flat, it can take more than one cycle for it to completely dry.

Pajar jackets are water resistant. *Please note, our winter Pajar jackets are not Rain Coats.

We invite you to visit your local tailor.

Over time, the fur may dry up and may start to shed. A specialist/furrier would be able to reduce some of the shedding by applying conditioning treatments and regular cleaning.

Every time a feather is half out, try to pull it to the other side to prevent it from coming out completely. You must take into account the fact that there will always be natural leaks from any feather filled jackets.

1. 47°F is optimal, but any temperature under 54°C is worthwhile
2. Humidity controlled between 45 and 55%
3. Vermin and insect proof
4. Minimal U.V. light exposure
5. Ample space for each garment
6. Do not dry clean
7. Always take your fur trim to a specialist, if there is an issue, do not remedy yourself
8. Never wash the fur trim yourself
9. Never place fur in a refrigerator or freezer: this could cause the fur to dry out and the skin to crack
10. Protect your fur trim from friction and rubbing (e.g. repetitive rubbing against a purse strap can quickly and permanently damage your fur trim)
11. Fur should never be washed in water or dry-cleaned. If you have questions about fur repair or maintenance, please consult a professional furrier
12. Even though fur is resistant to snow and rain, you should try not to let it get soaked
13. If your fur trim gets wet, shake it out as soon as possible to remove excess water
14. Brush your fur trim with a fine fur brush from time to time to restore its volume


How do I take care of my Pajar boots?

Boots with leather, nubuck and nylon uppers:
Clean surface using a damp cloth. Once dry, apply silicone-based weatherproof spray

Boots with suede uppers:
Clean surface using a suede brush, then apply a silicone-based weatherproof spray. 

*Please note, if your boots are wet from the elements, clean them with a damp cloth and mild soap. Make sure to let them dry in a ventilated area away from a direct heat source.

Always clean your boots before putting them in storage.
Store your boots in a dry area during the warmer months of the year.