PAJAR CANADA creates performance products with a legacy of adventure. Our goal is to produce footwear, outerwear, and accessories that cater to climates and terrains across all four seasons. PAJAR CANADA's products are crafted both in Montreal and overseas, with our celebrated Heritage Collection being intricately handmade by shoemakers in our Montreal factory. Our design team focuses on developing and integrating innovative technology to ensure that every Pajar product performs as intended. Inspired by the Industrial Design ethos of form meeting function, our products deliver alluring aesthetic and performance.


PAJAR CANADA is honoured and excited to be celebrating 60 years and 5 generations of providing warmth and protection. Our footwear story begins in Paris, France, in 1926. Pajar’s founder Paul Golbert was born into a shoemaking family, where he learned the family trade as well as the fundamentals that continue to guide the PAJAR CANADA brand today. Paul founded Pajar in 1963 using the first letters of his family’s first names: Paul, Jacques, and Rachel. Today, PAJAR CANADA continues to follow the fundamentals passed down by Paul Golbert - endeavour, loyalty, and passion.